About Tulip Jones


Sourcing only the best

We source only from the companies committed to growing and harvesting without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, growth agents, and free from irradiation and chemical sterilization. All sources are also certified organic through a USDA accredited certification agency. Where certain harvests are not organic, they are ethically wildcrafted. This means that they are collected from the crop’s natural environment.


Tulip is as Tulip does

Natural, beautiful, and effective ingredients are essential to Tulip Jones’s products. Without them, Tulip Jones would be Tulip Average Company That Doesn’t Care About Anyone. But we do care, because we began at home, so we know what it’ s like to worry about what our skin is actually absorbing into our body. We no longer worry about those things. We worry about things like dressing appropriately for the weather and making sure there is food in the house. You know.


Products that you need

With amazing plant products, we create the goods that you need to keep yourself moisturized and your mind at ease. We bring you balms, lotion bars, moisturizing serums, beard oil, essential oils and essential oil blends, muscle & joint balms, exfoliating scrubs, spritzers, deodorant, soaps, body oils, and gorgeous organic botanical perfume.

And, we’re just getting started.


My new morning and bedtime ritual! Looooove this lusciousness in my life.


That Relief muscle balm made that pain Go AWAY within a minute of rubbing it on my back! I couldn't believe it.


My daughter suffers from severe dry skin in the winter. ... Honeywood on her legs after the bath for a week straight and no signs of discomfort and not complaining! 



Just can't seem to find that product to help with a specific issue? We get it. Customizing products to suit our individual needs is the reason we began. Ask Tulip Jones.