Skincare should make you feel good outside and inside.

That’s why we make organic and natural skin care. No toxins. All smiles.

Feeling Cheeky?

It’s a bundle of beauty, because YOU are a bundle of beauty. Cleanse, tighten pores, restore pH balance, and moisturize with this sweet arsenal.

CHEEKY bundles foaming cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for glowing skin

Lucscious All Over Body Balms

Tulip Jones Botanica all over body balms are the perfect go-to when you need moisturizing on the go. Use it on your arms, legs, lips, toes, and anywhere else you like! Formulated with beautiful organic oils and botanicals.

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Many of us need to use something to balance sweat and odor under our arms. That product does NOT have to contain ingredients that are harmful to our health. TJB deodorants are formulated with oils that transform odor and soften skin. Exhale!