Hello, Gorgeous!

Lemon Cookie Graphic

Body balm is a wonderful way to soothe your dry skin and Tulip Jones knows what skin loves best.

Try one of our four body balms created with organic oils and delicious essential oils that your skin will love.

Sunshine is our newest body balm with moisturizing coconut oil, ancient and healing castor oil, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and sweet orange essential oils.

Hello, Gorgeous! with coconut oil, shea butter, ylang ylang, vanilla, and a sweet kiss of peppermint.

Honeywood is a limited body balm that features jojoba and argan oils and sandalwood oil directly from Sierra Leone.

Lemon Cookie’s coconut and lemon essential oil will make you crave sweets!

Patchouli Perfect is inspired by a true hippy who followed the Dead and has still to recover from losing Jerry Garcia. This earthy balm contains sweet almond oil and patchouli.

Love your skin the way you love yourself!

Love, Tulip Jones

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