Luscious Body Balms

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Tulip Jones body balms are a silky and delicious alternative to traditional lotion. Made from organic and natural oils, our balms will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and ultra hydrated.

LEMON COOKIE body balm is a deliciously fragrant moisturizer that soothes with amazing coconut oil and brightens dull skin with lemon oil. The smell alone will keep you using this wonderful balm.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *beeswax *lemon essential oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil


HONEYWOOD body balm loves your dry skin with moisture locking jojoba oil and brightens and heals with argan and sandalwood oils. Use anywhere you want your skin to feel wonderful!

Ingredients: *jojoba oil *argan oil *hemp oil *beeswax *sandalwood essential oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil *ylang ylang essential oil.


HELLO, GORGEOUS! body balm gives you coconut oil and shea butter to improve skin moisture retention and elasticity combined with the gorgeous scent of ylang ylang essential oil to lift your spirits with its antidepressant and aphrodisiac qualities! Add cooling peppermint and you will feel as bright as the day!

Ingredients: *coconut oil *shea butter *ylang ylang *vanilla infused jojoba oil *peppermint essential oils *beeswax


SUNSHINE body balm combines moisturizing coconut oil with ancient and healing castor oil to make your skin feel silky smooth. Grapefruit, lemon, lime, and sweet orange essential oils make this delicious balm sunshine on your skin! It’s bound to brighten any day.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *castor oil *beeswax *grapefruit *lemon *lime *sweet orange and *peppermint essential oils.


ORANGE BLOSSOM body balm is the perfect pick me up for your skin and your senses. Soothe and moisturize with coconut oil, orange essential oil, and jasmine infused with jojoba oil.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *golden beeswax *cocoa butter *sweet orange essential oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil


PATCHOULI ON MY MIND: Love the earthy patchouli? How about sweet notes of vanilla and geranium? What about luscious coconut? Patchouli On My Mind brings these intoxicating scents together to give you happy in a tin.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil *geranium and *orange essential oil and *beeswax.


SWEET HONEYSUCKLE: Be good to your heart chakra AND your skin. Sweet Honeysuckle Body Balm infuses jojoba and sunflower oils with gorgeous honeysuckle and a touch of frangipani. Add the wonderful fatty acid properties of sunflower oil and you have a luscious balm that will leave your skin feeling super soft and gorgeous.

Ingredients: *honeysuckle infused jojoba oil *sunflower oil *frangipani essential oil *beeswax and specially formulated essential oil blend.


GINGER SNAP body balm gives your skin an intoxicating mix of gorgeous and sultry ginger with warm vanilla. Your skin will thank you and your nose will love you. 

Ingredients: *vanilla infused jojoba *argan oil *sandalwood essential oil *ginger essential oil *sweet orange essential oil


NAKED Body Balm restores dry skin with moisture locking jojoba and coconut oils while reducing inflammation and improving elasticity with gorgeous shea butter.

Ingredients: *jojoba oil *shea butter *coconut oil *beeswax


*indicates organic ingredients.