You love your face. It's a one of a kind face and that's why you should treat it with only the most beautiful organic oils that will make you and your gorgeous face glow. Our GLOW serums have been formulated to target normal, dry, and oily skin. We even have a serum that targets mature skin. Use a couple of drops on damp skin twice daily and watch your skin transform from blah to balanced and bright.

Also in the FACE line-up is the Cheeky Trio: Cheeky Cleanser, Cheeky Toner, and Cheeky Moisturizer. Used together, this powerful trio will be a routine that you will look forward to once you feel the Cheeky difference. 

Familiar with Hyaluronic Acid and the wonders it can do for your dry and tired skin? If not, get familiar! 

Love, Tulip Jones xo