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Body Oil

Body Oil

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Treat every inch of your body to the luscious, moisturizing, and sweet smell of our body oils. We have carefully chosen the oils that will nourish and polish your dry and tired skin. Use everywhere from your hands, to your legs, to your feet, to your bottom. Your skin will be happy you did.

Our gorgeous hibiscus oil is infused and poured in-house, so quantities are limited.

Under the May Chang Stars: *sunflower oil *jojoba oil *litsea cubeba essential oil *grapefruit essential oil *rosemary essential oil

Peace, Love, and Hibiscus: *sunflower oil *hibiscus infused jojoba oil *geranium and frangipani absolute

Orange Blossom Body Oil: *jojoba oil *sunflower oil *essential oils

Baby Oil:  *jojoba oil *apricot oil *essential oils

*indicates organic ingredients