Foot Balm

Foot Balm

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You're feet have it rough every day. Treat them right with a silky and soothing foot balm!

TOE JAM foot balm is just what your tired feet need! Soothing coconut oil and cocoa butter will moisturize while healing tea tree oil will boost the health of your feet. A little touch of vanilla adds just the right amount of perfect to this foot balm. 

Ingredients: *coconut oil *beeswax *cocoa butter *tea tree oil *peppermint *vanilla infused jojoba oil


Rough on your feet? Well, SLOW DOWN, PRISCILLA! This foot balm is the cure for those feet.  We combined two ancient oils, castor and neem, for their anti fungal and antibacterial properties then added luscious almond oil and cocoa butter for softness, and elm, cherry, and sweet cassia to heal and strengthen.

Give your feet some relief and do slow down!

Ingredients: *almond oil *castor oil *beeswax *cocoa butter *neem *cassia *lemon and *peppermint essential oils