Hydrating Spritzers

Hydrating Spritzers

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Refresh anytime with these beautiful and portable hydrating spritzers. These babies are hand-made with beautiful organic aromatic water and essential oils.

Spritz Me Soft - *rose hydrosol *coconut glycerin, and jasmine fragrance oil

Spritz Me to Sleep - *lavender hydrosol *coconut glycerin *sweet orange essential oil

Spritz Me Sweet - *lilac hydrosol *coconut glycerin *ylang ylang essential oil

Spritz Me Poetic - *lemon verbena hydrosol and jasmine

Spritz Me Balanced - *tulsi hydrosol *ylang ylang essential oil

Spritz Me Centered - *calendula hydrosol *peppermint essential oil

Spritz Me Tranquil - *neroli hydrosol *geranium

Spritz Me Coastal - *organic amazing Coastal Craft Kombucha tea blend of lavender, chamomile, keemun black tea, and white peony *litsea cubeba  essential oil *ylang ylang essential oil