Lovely Lip Balms

Lovely Lip Balms

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Like soft lips? LOVE lip balm that is delicious and good for your lips? Check out our line of organic and delectable lip balms in convenient quarter ounce tins.

CUPCAKE: Who doesn't like cupcakes!? They are a sweet comfort just like this lip balm.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any sudden desire to seek out actual cupcakes. 

Ingredients: *coconut oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil *orange essential oil

HOT CHOCOLATE: Love chocolate? Love soft, silky lips? Then you will love this lip balm. Organic dark cocoa mixed with luscious and moisturizing coconut oil and peppermint make this lip balm a must have.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *cocoa butter *cocoa powder *vanilla infused jojoba oil *beeswax

HIPPY FIELDS: Love your lips with healing and aromatic geranium oil alongside the moisture of hemp oil that will give your lips a healthy and rich glow.

Hippy approved!

Ingredients: *coconut oil *beeswax *hemp oil *geranium *ylang ylang

MOJITO: Spring into the warm weather with a lip balm inspired by the summer. Mojito lip balm is sweet and luscious.

Ingredients: *coconut oil, a hint of *agave *grapefruit *lime and *peppermint essential oils.

ORANGE PUCKER lip balm moisturizes lips with organic coconut oil and cocoa butter. Mixed with sweet orange and peppermint essential oils and you can't help but pucker.

Beware: Involuntary puckering to smell this delicious lip balm may occur once applied which may cause others to think that you have a facial tick. Proceed with caution.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *beeswax *cocoa butter *sweet orange oil *peppermint oil

TWINKLE TWINKLE: A classic combination of organic coconut oil and vanilla essential oil make this lip balm an essential in anyone's arsenal of moisturizers.

Ingredients: *coconut oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil *alcohol free vanilla extract *beeswax

SASSY CASSIA: Soften your lips with argan and jojoba while also treating them with antioxidant and antimicrobial organic cinnamon. Blended with stimulating cassia essential oil, this lip balm will rejuvenate your lips!

Caution: Kissing MAY be unavoidable.

LEMON KISSES: Lemon. What can we say. It's sweet, it's bright, it's lemony, and it can be on your lips all day long. While this delicious lip balm may attract kissing, you may have to prepare to re-apply.

Ingredients: *jojoba oil *lemon essential oil *vanilla infused jojoba oil *jasmine essential oil